Constantine Cornwall

Tolmen Centre Roof – A Quick Update

The scaffold is erected, slate has been delivered, and the roofers are on site. There is a huge orange bucket tunnel going from top of scaffold to the ground for easy removal of old cement roof slates, and we have a Bumpa Lift in place for raising the new slates up to scaffold level.

A combination of the moss growth in the roof tile joints, and gutters continually being clogged has caused significant damage to our internal walls. Being able to complete the work after a successful fund-raising campaign, with immeasurable support from locals and major grant providers, has not come a day to soon.

We have had an inspection by ecologist Paul Diamond who required the northern slope to be stripped first as this was the most likely habitat for bats. Much as we love bats, they can cause delay and significant additional work and cost if found in a roof space. Thankfully we had none. However, when the roof is replaced we shall be putting in a specialist bitumen felt so that should bats wish to live with us in the future they are able to cling with their claws to the surface without getting caught.

The work is anticipated to be complete, weather permitting, by 11 December, and what a Christmas present this will be for our wonderful Victorian chapel!

Many of you have written messages on slates which will be incorporated onto the new roof. We have photographed all the slates and will be putting copies into a book which we hope Constantine Museum will hold for the future, as we anticipate we will not see the slates again for many years. When the roof is next replaced, some of our memories of how we have used the building will be there for future generations to read.

Tracey Clowes (Chair Constantine Enterprises Company)