Constantine Cornwall

Tolmen music in lockdown

At the time of writing, it looks pretty certain that the Tolmen Centre won’t be open for events for the next few months at least. Entertainment venues look like being one of the last categories to be re-opened, and our relatively top-heavy (age wise) audience and management team will make it a particular challenge for us.

We are very sorry not to be bringing you three top acts that were planned for the summer. Two dynamic trios from Scotland – first Talisk, then supergroup Lau – were due to be followed by female American duo Madison Violet. 

We’ve tentatively accepted provisional rebookings for next year, but don’t forget that you can always find just about any artist on Youtube, Spotify or their own websites, to get a taste of what you’re missing!

Madison Violet

Spare a thought for the thousands of musicians and other members of the performing arts whose livelihoods are being devastated by the Covid-19 epidemic. Many of them have been posting recordings and live performances on the internet, some of them asking for donations for charity or towards their own living expenses, sometimes both.

Locally some of us have enjoyed Martha Tilston’s two live gigs from her front room, just a mile or so from the centre of our village. Martha’s music and her infectiously warm personality offer hope and joy in gloomy times, and if you missed her you should be able to catch up at

Martha Tilson

Another online concert (thanks for the tip, Sally H.!) can be found at This is no less than 7 hours of folk music from a wide range of performers, each performing in their front rooms. Among them are several who have performed at the Tolmen in the past, including John Boden, Martin Simpson, Bella Hardy, Peggy Seeger and Steve Knightley. Another artist featured is Kris Drever, one third of Lau. The online festival is raising funds for the Help Musicians charity, which is providing emergency grants to working musicians during the epidemic.

Keep listening to music, keep safe, and keep an eye out for better news in future.

Dougal Jeffries