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Tolmen Organ Gets New Lease of Life

When the Tolmen Centre stopped being a place of worship (about 15 years ago now) we were left with an aged, but good quality Hammond Organ which had no further use. For years it just collected dust in the backstage area, rather unloved because no-one seemed to have any use for it, or knew how it worked. At that point it had stopped working and clearly needed some fixing up.

Then a few visiting music enthusiasts (led by Portishead band member Adrian Uttley, who was playing a gig at the Tolmen) started pointing out that these instruments have become desirable to modern bands, especially those, like our one, with a Leslie speaker attachment. I was unwilling to see this fine old instrument fade away, probably to be discarded as beyond economic repair, so it was decided to have it put back in order, using the services of Roy Davey, one of a select group of people who know how these things work, and can fix them. As a result of Roy’s work, The Tolmen Hammond, with its Leslie Speaker, is now back in working order. What is needed now are people to use it. There seems little point in keeping it, and risking it once again falling into disrepair, if it is of no use to anyone.

So, if there is anyone out there who would like to use this instrument, please get in touch. I doubt if it can realistically be moved out of the Tolmen Centre, as it weighs nearly as much as a grand piano, but it can be moved to the stage area, and from there it produces that unique Hammond sound to fill the auditorium, made even more magical by the Leslie speaker. Surely someone would like to give this lovely old organ some use, privately or publicly? Please contact Charlie Pugh on 341353 if you are interested.

Charlie Pugh