Constantine Cornwall

Tolmen restoration hampered by bad weather but funding rolls in

In good fine weather on Monday 14 December, work began to replace the surface of the Tolmen Centre car park. All was going well and in just two days we were ahead of schedule with the old surface dug out and removed. Finding the condition of the existing substrate such that no additional hardcore was required to make the surface good, we were ready to have the cement base poured. However on Wednesday 18 December the rain started!

The Rain it Raineth…

Unusually wet, even for this time of year, work was unable to continue as two clear dry days were required for the cement to be delivered, laid, imprinted, and to set. So the weather, combined with Christmas holidays, a scheduled Tolmen event, and contractor illness meant work was unable to continue.

On Monday 6 January the contractors returned to reinstate drainage along the path towards the kitchen gate, which had been covered by the old tarmac surface.

This completed we were once again fac- ing a poor weather forecast and another scheduled event on Friday 10th. Because the concrete is supplied in bulk by a separate contractor, it has to be booked in advance and paid for, and once in the lorry we are committed to it, so getting a slot with the cement company to coincide with the builders’ availability, and a good forecast reliable enough to advance book cement, required some good fortune. By the time you read this I am hoping you will have been walking across or parking on the new surface for several weeks!!!!

Meanwhile funds continue to roll in

Our fundraising has continued apace since I last wrote, and the Constantine Enterprise Company (who own the Tol- men Centre) are thrilled to announce that just before Christmas we received a do- nation from the Charities Aid Foundation for £15,000 and a pledge for funds of £4,000 from the Bernard Sunley Trust. We applied for grants from the Trust- house Foundation, Cornwall Council, Community Chest Fund, and Isles of Scilly Steam Ship Company whose deadlines for submission were just before the end of last year, and we are hoping to hear back from all three in the next few weeks. We are so hoping that we will receive some success and are able to start work on the roof before too long as over this extended period of bad weather the dilapidated gutters haven’t coped at all well with the debris coming off the roof leading worryingly to more water ingress, very evident on the ground floor west wall. We have funds in place from the Tanner Trust which will allow us to begin some of the work on the windows in the building but crucially for any window work we are looking towards the better weather so I suspect we shall have to be patient!

As I said in my last article we absolutely could not do any of this without your continued support with donations, or just wonderful words of advice, encouragement, and the occasional hug. You are what keeps us going!