Constantine Cornwall

Walks and thoughts

By Eleanor Hawes

There are different kinds of walks to benefit our health and well-being, the brisk and speedy and the slow and observing, even tree-hugging if need be. Each is good for us.

I was walking slowly back home, down the lane, when I encountered a worm, crossing very slowly, lugging all of eleven inches behind it!!!

Since my brother loved chasing me with worms when we were children, I have not been over fond of them, but over the years have come to appreciate their value. All gardeners would agree with that, so I watched and waited until it made its way to safety, into the mud and leaves of the verge.

Did I say safety ? Many more dangers lie ahead I.e. moles, badgers, birds , cars. Two cars went by a few minutes later and I wondered what they would say if I told them what I had been doing, protecting a worm from being flattened! They would have shaken their heads and said ‘utter nutter’ or something! Or something !!

Saint Francis would have picked it up and put it in a safe place. Nothing was too yucky for him, not even slugs! Nothing that God has made was ugly or yucky in his eyes. He was overwhelmed with wonder at God’s Creation and how it all works together for good.

We probably squish, squash and flatten many a bug as we walk through our lovely woods, completely unintentionally. We look at dead tree trunks as they appear to break down and rot BUT they are rich with stuff for all sorts of creatures to feed on, to carry on the circle of life.

So let’s keep walking, watching and wondering , knowing that it will help us through these strange times and in between times, stay home, stay safe , stay well.