Constantine Cornwall

Rae Gray, Photorealistic Artist

Three years ago, my family and I moved to Constantine and we love it here! From September, the youngest of my three children joined Constantine Primary School and the memory of what I did before I had them is steadily returning. Turns out, I was an artist!

I used to create a lot of artwork using graphite pencil, then a year ago I discov- ered coloured pencils. I use a brand called ‘Prismacolor,’ these are waxed based pencils with an impressive colour range. They work by building up layer upon layer of colours, then finally blending the layers together with a lighter colour, it’s magical and completely addictive!

I’m a Photorealistic Artist, I use high quality photos as reference to create art- work with as much detail in as possible.

A year ago, a very special lady called Mirte moved to the village with her family. My friendship with her reignited my passion for wildlife. As a kid I was always out bug hunting, I studied insects in Laos and have a scary amount of invertebrate photos. I never thought to set my hand to drawing them, until Mirte came along! Mirte encouraged the primary school to study bees last year, which the school enthusiastically took on board. While Mirte taught all about the lives and plight of our bees, she got me drawing as many bee species as I could find buzzing about in my garden. I learnt that there are around 25 species of bumble bee in Britain, and over a whopping 230 species of solitary bee! So my work on ‘Cornish Solitary Bees’ began and I produced an A3 poster which includes 11 local species of solitary bee. Now I can’t stop drawing insects, thank you Mirte!

I am also taking commissions for pet and people portraiture, if you would like to commission me, please see my website for further details: