Constantine Cornwall

Girlguiding resumes face-to-face meetings at new venue

Girls and Leaders from Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers alike were delighted to attend face-to-face meetings again, beginning on 25 September.

Since lockdown in March meetings have been in the regular Friday night slot over Zoom, allowing many girls to continue seeing their peers remotely as well as work towards a number of achievements, such as the apt for the times, ‘Too Cool for School’ badge.

With the implementation of a risk assessment signed off by the organisation however, we have been able to start meeting again in person. Initially we met on 25 September on the recreation ground playing field, before meeting indoors again on 9 October.

As well as being the first indoor meeting since lockdown, the evening also saw the use of a new venue, Girlguiding in Constantine having moved from the Church Hall to the Tolmen Centre, at least until January.

The Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers are operating in ‘bubbles’ as part of the Covid-secure risk assessment, which includes all members at Guides and older wearing a face-covering indoors and that social distancing (2metres) is maintained throughout the meetings. Whilst these restrictions mean that meetings look a little different, the goal to empower girls to be their best and become confident women is still central to all activities.

We cannot guess how the months ahead will be affected by the pandemic, but Constantine Girlguiding will continue to offer what we can. Anyone seeking more information can contact local leaders via: