Constantine Cornwall

The Diamond Jubilee Stone

You will have noticed the large stone by the bus stop in the village (affectionately known as the Pebble) and may have wondered when it will be completed?

Well, there have been a number of delays but fortunately things are progressing and the stone should be completed shortly.

A village map has been designed and is about to be produced before being recessed and fixed to the stone, there is also a plaque being made o commemorate the granting of the Queen’s award for Voluntary Service.

The Jubilee inscription wording should start being engraved in August. Then the area around the stone will be tidied up before the stone is officially unveiled.

A lot of voluntary work has been undertaken by local people to achieve what will be a fitting way to remember Constantine’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, to provide useful information for visitors and mark the start of our historic Granite Trail.

Peter Tatham