12 Mar 2012

Cider making for fun and profit

Chris Hussey

I stumbled recently across a quirk of the regulations on payment of excise duty arising from the production of cider.  Apparently any individual can brew and sell up to 7000 litres of cider a year without being liable to pay excise duty.  Surprising, but it seems to be confirmed by the Customs & Excise website under the ‘Can I claim exemption from registration’ section.  It seems to have set that way to allow small producers to get a foothold in the market, while not allowing them to become rich at the government’s expense.  Any person wishing to take advantage of this would still need to apply for a personal license  to sell any cider produced ( with more information here ).  Any cider orchards remaining in the parish?

25 Sep 2011

Gather at Scot’s Quay – Moved the Planet along ?

Chris Hussey

Saturday 24th September saw a gathering of folk in the fields adjacent to Scot’s Quay to mark 45 years of Resurgence magazine and local support for the international 350.org event Moving Planet .   In line with Satish Kumar’s famous multi-thousand mile walks in pursuit of peace – Transition Constantine organised a walk  from the village down to Scot’s Quay – ably led by children from the school carrying flags they had made earlier in the week.  The Gather event included a number of musicians and bands, tree listening, charcoal buying, natural paint making, and dance – all leading up to a session with Satish Kumar being interviewed by Leo Hickman of the Guardian – on Satish’s wide ranging and inspirational thoughts over the last 45 years.  During the afternoon everyone took part in creating two large scale human banners for 350.org – shortly to appear on the Moving Planet website.

14 Jun 2011

Small is Beautiful? project

Chris Hussey

Small is Beautiful? is a collaborative documentary research project on the making and mending of everyday objects in the South West.  It is supported by the Arts & Humanities Research Council.

The project involves photographing shop interiors and objects, interviewing proprietors about work practices and creating a travelling  exhibition of images and texts.

Key contact for the project is Caitlin DeSilvey, who will be grateful to receive suggestions for sites to include in the project.  Both operational and shuttered premises will be considered.  Caitlin can be contacted on 01326 254161 or by email: c.o.desilvey@exeter.ac.uk

The project has a web presence at smallisbeautifulproject.blogspot.com

The first exhibition (“makers, menders & materials: part one”) will run  from 24th June  – 22nd July 2011 at the SWIB Archive & Gallery, 25 The Parade, Barbican, Plymouth PL1 2JN