12 May 2020

Covid 19 impacts – Constantine Village Services Available

Chris Hussey

While so much is closed down, many of the local suppliers are finding new ways to keep going, along with some new initiatives such as the Constantine food bank and help line. In no particular order, here’s the current list:

1) The Spar is open and will take telephone orders and provide  deliveries.  (Kevin doing a great job).
2) The Stores are “open” in the mornings until 1pm.  – in that you can request items at the door – and they will bring them to you.
3) The Pizza Van (Slice) has returned on Saturdays – you can phone though an order and collect. Social distancing  at the van. (07546  496730)
4) West Country Foods takes orders by phone – and delivers. Assemble what you want from www.bulkbuygroceries.co.uk  then ring your order through. (01326 331900)
5) Sylvia Dunstan takes orders be phone for pork as per Farmers Market – deliveries organised / or by collection. (01326 340548)
6) Dominique takes orders by phone for beef – as per Farmers Market, they deliver. (07891 052018 or 01326 340853)
7)  Cider man takes orders online  www.gwealmellincider.co.uk/shop  and delivers.
8) Helston Food Hub is operating: http://www.openfoodnetwork.org.uk/helston-local-food-hub/shop
9) Stewart (Vicar)  is co-ordinating volunteering effort / food bank operation etc  (01326 340259 – mobile for texts only 07807 134606). He writes:
“The food bank in Constantine has been open now for several weeks in the lower vestry (the room below the council chamber) on Wednesday mornings between 10 and 12am, It can also be accessed at any time through the help line. Whilst this facility cannot supply short life perishable items such as bread, milk, eggs, butter and such like, we are also issuing £20 food vouchers (funded by the vicars discretionary fund) which can be exchanged for these items at the Spar shop so that we can meet the needs of those most in need in our community. If people are self isolating we can also deliver food boxes to them.
To date I have 103 volunteers who have signed up to the community help line there is an e.mail address for this as well as the pone and text numbers rev.stewart@stconstantine.plus.com
10) Trengilly is delivering takeaway meals on Thursday and Friday evenings Orders taken Wed, Thur, Fri morning 10:30 – 12:30. Menu on Facebook page  (01326 340332)
11) Lot of impressive growing activity at allotments.
12) As we don’t know when the Farmer’s Markets will be up and running again, Sally (of Sally’s Cakes) says:

     “I will be baking on a Thursday for a Friday collection/local delivery, and on a Sunday for Monday. For deliveries further than Constantine I will have to charge a small fee.”

Sally’s list of offerings and prices are on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Transition-Constantine-520422917968856/   Please email  (sallycakes@hotmail.co.uk) or DM for orders and collection/delivery information.

Some extra things to add:
  • Natural Store (Falmouth/Helston) do deliveries to the village, currently £5.00 delivery charge or free if over £80.00
  • Virginia writes: “I also have sourdough bread starter if you are interested in making sourdough bread (best if you have a banetton and a cast iron dutch oven/large casserole for baking) (vrendell05@gmail.com)”
  • For anyone who was running dangerously low on compost  Trevena Cross Garden Centre are doing deliveries and Falmouth Garden Centre are doing  a Click and Collect service as well as prioritising the vulnerable, elderly and isolated with local deliveries.Although Garden Centres will probably be allowed to open soon, that compost will be flying out the doors.
  • Incredible Bulk are still visiting the village. Details can be found on their web site : https://www.mobilezerowasteshop.co.uk
11 May 2020

Helston Local Food Hub

Chris Hussey

Produce from a number of local traders who have stalls at Helston Farmers’ Market is now available via the Helston Food Hub. To quote from the Food Hub’s website:

“Helston Local Food Hub is a new way of shopping each week for your favourite local food that you can usually only buy once a month from Helston Farmers’ Market. This is like a ‘click and collect’ service you might be familiar with at a supermarket but using the Open Food Network website to trade from and drawing in produce from a number of local producers who currently all trade at Helston Farmers’ Market. You can filter the items by producer or by the product type e.g. ‘Dairy’ or ‘Bread and Baking’.

We work in order cycles, opening up the online shop for a few days each week for you to shop from. We will then collect all the orders at the Old Cattle Market in Helston and give you a time slot to come and collect your order on the Saturday morning.”

Here’s a link to the ‘shop’ page of the Helston Local Food Hub where there is much more detail about the service:



26 Jan 2019

Second Helping For Transition’s Big Lunch

Chris Hussey

Following the success of the communal lunch on the Community Day last October, Transition Constantine held the first of what it hopes will be quarterly Big Lunches on Saturday 12 January.

The people of the Constantine area didn’t let them down and, as before, the Tolmen Centre was packed with families, young and old, who tucked into a huge variety of home-made dishes and delights brought by the diners themselves for others to enjoy. The atmosphere was all the more enjoyable as local band Akoustek played and sang a live set throughout the meal.

The next Big Lunch will be announced in due course. Transition would love to see even wider village participation so if you haven’t been already, do come (and it’s free!).

(Reposted from an article by the editor of the Constant Times (February / March edition, 2019)

07 Aug 2018

The last horse-powered farm

Chris Hussey

Having a week’s holiday in Northumbria recently, it turned out that a farm very near to where we were staying is reported as being the last farm in the UK to be worked by horses. This is Sillywrea farm near Langley-on-Tyne. Walking a footpath through the farm I could feel there was something different about the field of barley we were walking alongside; it dawned on me that the difference was the absence of tractor ‘tramlines’ running across the field. Walking on we passed by the farmyard, seeing horse drawn equipment –  a roller and trailer, and later saw two horses with hay rakes at work in the fields. The farm has featured in various articles, including:

“The land where heavy horses reign supreme” (2009)

And a book: “The Last  Horsemen” (Charles Bowden, 2011 [Andre Deutsch Ltd.])

15 Dec 2015

Eggs from rare breed hens

Chris Hussey

A wonderful assortment of eggs from rare breed hens – thanks to Fox Farm Growers (near Hayle), via Constantine Farmers’ Market.

Rare breed hens' eggs
Rare breed hens’ eggs
23 Apr 2015

The lost posts – Apple Tree Planting

Chris Hussey

As an enhancement to the recently re-equipped play area in Constantine, members of the group planted one sunny Saturday sixteen good-sized apple trees in clumps around the area. Hearts initially sank on being told the size of the hole that would be needed for each tree, but fortunately the soil proved to be quite easily dug (!). Some remarkable spade-work saw all the trees planted in a morning.

23 Apr 2015

The lost posts – Farmers’ Market

Chris Hussey

The Transition group runs a farmers’ market in the Church Hall on the second Saturday of every month – and it’s been going long enough now to be almost an institution in its own right. A good range of local produce is always available, with some slight variability in stalls from month to month. Once a year, in August, we migrate to the Tolmen Centre, to make way for the summer exhibition in the Church Hall of the Constantine Art Society. The photo here shows Andrea, from Fox Farm in Gluval, with a tremendous display of vegetables outside the Tolmen Centre.

Andrea's vegetables at Constantine Farmers' Market
Andrea’s vegetables at Constantine Farmers’ Market
15 Sep 2012

The Rebel Brewing Company in Penryn

Chris Hussey

Coincidentally, with the most recent post being about micro-breweries, I found myself yesterday at the Rebel Brewing Company in Penryn.  I had been trying to track down a local source of malt, since stocks of homebrew were starting to reach seriously low levels.  I first tried Kernow Grow & Brew, also in Penryn, who don’t currently supply malt, but they put me on to the Rebel Brewing Company, saying that they would be happy to supply malt, yeast and hops to home brewers.  And so it turned out.

Rob Lowe at The Rebel Brewing Company

I met Rob Lowe, manager and brewer, and was interested to hear about the business and their plans for a move to a much larger unit in the Kernick Business Park in Penryn, sometime in the next couple of months. Particularly interesting (from the Transition perspective) are the plans to make the new unit as resource-conserving as possible.  Rob says they are aiming to install LED low energy lighting, make use of harvested rainwater, and use anaerobic digestion to process what might normally be viewed as ‘waste’ products from brewing, i.e. the spent grain and hops.  I’ll hope to follow up with more information on this in due course.  Before I left I grabbed the photo-opportunity with Rob, and made use of their off licence to acquire some bottles of Barrowboys Bitter and 80/- Scotch Ale.

12 Sep 2012

Micro-breweries in Cornwall

Chris Hussey

I was asked the other day if I could think of any local micro breweries.  I ran through a few that came to mind straight away, but was left with the feeling that there are quite a few more that I had forgotten or didn’t know about.  Fortunately, there is a (nearly) comprehensive list of micro-breweries in Cornwall on the Cornwall in focus website.  Lots of detail there: locations, contact details, brewers, beers made, and even recommendations.  It does, though cover the whole of Cornwall.  Relatively local ones on the list are:

  • Atlantic Brewery (Newquay)
  • Blue Anchor Brewery (Helston)
  • Cornish Chough Brewery (Trethvas Farm, The Lizard)
  • Coastal Brewery (Redruth)
  • Driftwood (Spars) Brewery (St. Agnes)
  • Hogswood Brewery (St. Agnes)
  • Lizard Ales (St. Keverne)
  • The Rebel Brewing Co. (Penryn)
  • St. Ives Brewery (St. Ives)

One not on the list linked to above is the Wooden Hand Brewery, heading up towards east Cornwall at Grampound Road.

01 Sep 2012

Adelaide heading for sustainability

Chris Hussey

After the sober content of the last post, some good news from the latest issue of Resurgence (now Resurgence & Ecologist).  In one article, Herbert Girardet describes the steps the Australian city of Adelaide has taken towards becoming a sustainable city.  In 2003 he was invited by the city to be a ‘thinker in residence’ focusing on the ‘greening’ of Adelaide. He and colleagues produced a report detailing a number of recommendations.  In November 2011 he returned to see what had happened as a result of the proposals made.  He says that Adelaide City Council “had taken many truly remarkable initiatives in the previous nine years”.  Picking a few plums from the list of achievements:

  • Over 26% of electricity is produced by wind turbines and solar PV panels
  • Of 600,000 houses, 120,000 have been fitted with PV panels
  • Solar hot water systems are manadatory for all new buildings
  • 15% reduction in CO2 emissions since 2000
  • 3 million trees planted
  • 20,000 hectares of land near Adelaide used for vegetable and fruit crops

The full report on his Adelaide visit can be downloaded from here.