15 Sep 2012

The Rebel Brewing Company in Penryn

Chris Hussey

Coincidentally, with the most recent post being about micro-breweries, I found myself yesterday at the Rebel Brewing Company in Penryn.  I had been trying to track down a local source of malt, since stocks of homebrew were starting to reach seriously low levels.  I first tried Kernow Grow & Brew, also in Penryn, who don’t currently supply malt, but they put me on to the Rebel Brewing Company, saying that they would be happy to supply malt, yeast and hops to home brewers.  And so it turned out.

Rob Lowe at The Rebel Brewing Company

I met Rob Lowe, manager and brewer, and was interested to hear about the business and their plans for a move to a much larger unit in the Kernick Business Park in Penryn, sometime in the next couple of months. Particularly interesting (from the Transition perspective) are the plans to make the new unit as resource-conserving as possible.  Rob says they are aiming to install LED low energy lighting, make use of harvested rainwater, and use anaerobic digestion to process what might normally be viewed as ‘waste’ products from brewing, i.e. the spent grain and hops.  I’ll hope to follow up with more information on this in due course.  Before I left I grabbed the photo-opportunity with Rob, and made use of their off licence to acquire some bottles of Barrowboys Bitter and 80/- Scotch Ale.

18 Sep 2011

Green Johanna composter still available

Chris Hussey

Last year Constantine school had a successful assembly about home food waste composting, and a number of council-subsidised ‘Green Johanna’ compost bins were bought by village families as a result.  This type of compost bin is still available at a subsidised price (£25) from the S.O.F.A. project in Pool:

S.O.F.A., Unit C3, Pool Business Park, Dudnance Lane, Pool, Redruth  TR15 3QW

Tel: 01209 719733

As of last week, they still had over 30 in stock – but be prepared to pay in cash.

Other types of compost bin (and other items associated with recycling) are also available to order on-line at subsidised prices from the Cornwall Council Get Composting website.



23 Aug 2011

Unwanted furniture and electrical goods

Chris Hussey

The British Heart Foundation is happy to accept unwanted furniture and (working) electrical items.  All these items will be sold through their Furniture & Electrical Store at 5 Market Street, Falmouth TR11 3DB.  BHF offers free collection of unwanted items – collection can be arranged by calling 0844 248 9181, or by booking online at bhf.org.uk/collection.

The leaflet advertising this service says “Please don’t be disappointed if we are unable to accept items for reasons of safety or quality.  Free collection on small items is at the discretion of the Store Manager.  Our van drivers will make the final decision on any donations collected.”

Electrical items destined for BHF can also be dropped in at Currys and PC World stores (but see bhf.org.uk/dropitin for items that they cannot accept).

03 Aug 2011

Printer cartridge recycling

Chris Hussey

I have confirmed that Constantine school will accept used ink jet printer cartridges for recycling.  Any money raised as a result will go to a local charity.  Cartridges can be delivered to the school secretary’s office during school hours.  As it will be some weeks yet before the school is open again, I’ll post a reminder about this at the start of term!

14 Jun 2011

Small is Beautiful? project

Chris Hussey

Small is Beautiful? is a collaborative documentary research project on the making and mending of everyday objects in the South West.  It is supported by the Arts & Humanities Research Council.

The project involves photographing shop interiors and objects, interviewing proprietors about work practices and creating a travelling  exhibition of images and texts.

Key contact for the project is Caitlin DeSilvey, who will be grateful to receive suggestions for sites to include in the project.  Both operational and shuttered premises will be considered.  Caitlin can be contacted on 01326 254161 or by email: c.o.desilvey@exeter.ac.uk

The project has a web presence at smallisbeautifulproject.blogspot.com

The first exhibition (“makers, menders & materials: part one”) will run  from 24th June  – 22nd July 2011 at the SWIB Archive & Gallery, 25 The Parade, Barbican, Plymouth PL1 2JN