05 Nov 2013

Spotted in Berlin…

Chris Hussey

Wandering around Berlin recently I came across a clutch of EVs from the Car2Go stable, all lined up and plugged in to on-street chargers.  Car2Go operate a membership-based car hire scheme (you can hire by the minute, if needed) and have a presence in a number of European cities.  I tried to visualise a similar scene in Constantine, but I couldn’t make it look quite so orderly….




08 Sep 2012

EV Charging Stations in Cornwall

Chris Hussey

Having personally sighted only one electric vehicle charging point in Cornwall (at the Eden Project), I picked up on an article in the most recent West Briton (6/9/2012).  It reported how a B&B at Penhallow (Homestead Farm) had installed a charging station for guests – and the equipment had been given to them by Zero Carbon World.  This organisation is a registered charity that donates charging stations to hotels, B&Bs, and other leisure oriented businesses.  Any business that takes up the offer must still pay for the installation, but all the equipment is free of charge.  Zero Carbon World’s website has a searchable map giving access to a national database of charging stations.  Nearest one to Constantine appears to be on the Trelowarren estate.

Zero Carbon World, founded by Kevin Sharpe, states that it aims ” …to clear the confusion, bureaucracy and profiteering surrounding decarbonisation.  It is our vision to live in a sustainable and equitable decarbonised society.”


10 Jul 2012

Electric vehicles in Florence

Chris Hussey

Visiting Florence recently, I was struck by the number of electric vehicles whirring about the city – particularly in the central area.  The photo shows a small parking spot solely for electric vehicles just off the Piazza della Signoria.

Electric vehicles in Florence
Electric vehicles in Florence


Also in Florence, I encountered my first filling station equipped with charging points for electric cars.  Driving in, I glanced at a set of  ‘pumps’ with long thin blue ‘pipes’ attached, and wondered what kind of fuel they were dispensing – and then the penny dropped…

05 Jul 2011

Cycle routes may boost tourism in South West

Chris Hussey

More than £7m of European money is being spent on connecting cycle routes in the South West in a bid to attract more tourists to the region.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/news/uk-england-13880001 >

11 Apr 2011

Electric car demonstration in Constantine

Chris Hussey

Matthew Trevaskis of eco-drive is currently touring round Cornwall showing off the latest all-electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV.  On Tuesday 12th April he will be in Constantine primary school car park from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm to give local residents a view of the car and its features (and maybe some test drives…).

Ecodrive is currently partnering with Cornwall Council to further their aim of becoming one of the UK’s first ‘Plugged-In Places’ and deploy dozens of new generation Electric Vehicles.