Community Day

At Constantine Community Day on Saturday 13th October 2018, one of the activities was to gather residents views about Constantine. As part of this, people were invited to suggest aspects of Constantine life that they liked and disliked. Here below (unedited) is the list:


Atmosphere and Community Spirit

  • People say hello
  • Very friendly
  • Lots of kind people and lots of different things to do
  • We like having lots of friends here
  • Great community spirit – friendly & welcoming
  • The community feel – people seem interested in one another, and collectively want to preserve what is good and review and attempt to change what is not so beneficial.
  • Mostly friendly, The Tomen Centre and everything that goes on
  • The People
    • The Place
  • Always something going on, community events
    • Tolmen Centre – got married here
    • Having a doctors
    • Its location close to lots of beautiful places etc
  • The wide range of age-groups.
    • Lots of lovely families
    • Societies for all
  • Dog-walking community


  • Friendly village with services (shop, doctors etc) & beautiful countryside
  • Small vibrant rural community
  • The local shop, the pizza van, the woods
  • Having a doctor


  • The close connection to nature, the quiet and the mixture of ages
  • Really like the park and swings + the zip-wire and slide


  • Being able to catch the bus into Falmouth




Atmosphere and Community Spirit

  • Some bigoted attitudes in the Parish Council
  • Them and Us”
  • Bit snobby at times
  • Would like more structured “getting to know’ new members of the community events


  • Lack of Post Office


  • Health & Safety in the wild Bosahan Wood – where is the beautiful swing
  • Can we have a new swing with a notice saying own responsibility if accident occurs

Transport and Parking

  • Lack of a community Mini bus
  • Lack of public transport
  • Horrendous parking at entrance to Well Lane – more use made of car park
  • Parking at the top of Well Lane
  • Herringbone parking at shop end of Well Lane with cars overlapping pedestrian path so that pedestrians have to walk in the road where they are vulnerable to accidents. The original intention was that there would only be parallel parking at this point.


  • Lack of affordable eco-housing