15 Nov 2018

Constantine Community Day – The Challenges

Chris Hussey

At the recent Constantine Community Day there were a couple of activities that prompted people to reflect on how they might like things to be different in the future. One was a ‘wishing tree’ where wishes for change or improvement could be hung. Another was a display about Constantine in the past and present, that also invited people to say what they would like to see in Constantine in the future (with a timescale of the next 10-20 years). The contributions from both have been consolidated and summarized below:

Atmosphere and Community Spirit

  • More willing volunteers
  • Volunteer Register – people available to help others in village when needed – Seconded!
  • A Christmas Show!
  • More community days *****
  • Befriending system


  • Community cafe like Saracens’ plate in Penryn
  • A community cafe/restaurant – Seconded
  • Nice to have a café with young and old
  • More inter generational events
  • Shops *****
  • More shops (child)
  • Community swop shop
  • Community run pub
  • A Post office counter ******
  • Access to local, good organic food.
  • More local food – veg & dairy available to buy in the village
  • Ability to buy milk from our local farms
  • Village Policeman!!
  • Community composting collection/delivery point – bike plus trailer


  • More flowers in public spaces
  • More people taking up allotments 


  • Village community with bus charity
  • Community bus for elderly/young families for shopping and recreational trips – run by volunteers and funded by events
  • Concerned that when no longer can drive that will be stuck indoors
  • More connection to the other nearby villages
  • An affordable, responsive public transport network **
  • Minibus services to Helston/Falmouth with more frequency
  • More transport routes in outlying areas
  • Would like to have a bus into Truro
  • Cycling routes from Constantine to other villages/towns
  • Cycling routes ***
  • Buggy park, a buggy collective
  • Traffic control in Main Street
  • Enforcing 20mph limit **
  • Road signs need cleaning
  • Electric car charging points **
  • New gate on footpath between Church and Bridge


  • Community affordable eco-housing with integrated care for the elderly **
  • Somewhere to live in Constantine for older people nearing the end of their lives
  • Community provision for elderly so they can stay in the village – sheltered housing/ Old people’s home **
  • Would like a place – residential for the elderly with café for all as part of it
  • More people looking after older members of their family in their own homes
  • More affordable housing **
  • Proper low cost sustainable housing
  • Affordable eco co housing/ co operative **

Climate Change/Emergency Plans

  • That action towards a just transition for post carbon proceeds now & urgently
  • Plastic free Constantine
  • A more sustainable future
  • Community energy project
  • Idea re coping with extreme weather events
  • Emergency plan for extreme weather events
  • More sunshine (!)

The items with asterisks reflect a number of responses on the same topic. Transition Constantine will be discussing how to take action on these ideas, particularly in relation to the desire for more community days and more affordable housing.