Constantine Preschool Forest School Sessions

Elfie Carson

Since mid-September, Constantine Preschool have been holding regular Forest School sessions in Bosahan Woods. Children and staff alike are thoroughly enjoying their woodland adventures; typical sessions include lighting a fire (in a fire-bowl), playing in the stream and exploring the different paths through the woods. Recently they had a bear hunt along the riverside path and found a frog hiding amongst the logs of one of the newly laid raft bridges! Often a morning snack is cooked on the fire, and includes popcorn, cinnamon and raisin porridge and, next week, chocolate baked bananas. The children also love doing various crafts, using natural materials, such as felt acorns, painting with natural paints and leaf stitching. You may have noticed the recent addition of a circle of beech logs near the wooden bridge at the edge of the community-owned boundary. This is the main location for Forest School sessions. These sessions will run throughout the year (on Mondays and Wednesdays until February half-term and then on Tuesday and Thursdays). We are excited to see what each season will bring.