Piskies Galore!

Chris Hussey

In November the woods were the chosen location for a film produced by students from Falmouth University as part of their course. The film was styled as a ‘mockumentary’, with the story based around an individual’s hunt for piskies in the woods, based on evidence left by his grandfather. The photos are stills from two scenes in the film, showing the protagonist explaining his quest, and later camping out while on the hunt. Anyone who has been at the north end of the woods as the dusk comes down might agree that this was the perfect location!

Trisha Corrales, a member of the team, said: “I was the Producer for the film “Cornish Piskies| Fact or Fiction?” and we decided on filming in Bosahan after stumbling upon it online. When we visited the location for a recce, we collectively decided it was the perfect place to shoot at because the overall atmosphere of the woods was so incredibly enchanting. The hues of the leaves on the ground and the darkness that winter brings helped to improve the mystical atmosphere of our film and it adds authenticity as the main focus of our film was the Cornish Piskies. In addition, shooting in the woods was a marvellous change from shooting on campus and in studios as it allowed us to exercise our creativity. As a crew, we are very thankful to have been allowed to shoot in a delightful environment and we hope that other people will feel the same about the woods.”

The finished film can be viewed on Youtube as Cornish Piskies | Fact or Fiction? where the full film crew are credited.