A Fallen Giant

Chris Hussey

In the June / July issue of Constant Times, the Bosahan Woods report mentioned that a large beech tree beside the lower path had fallen. The path, resurfaced in the 1980s, had been laid across the roots of the tree. As the tree fell it carried away the path and left a cavernously unsafe hole where the path had been. Trapped in the root ball, and suspended over the hole, were a number of large rocks that presented a further hazard to anyone venturing near. Those have since been removed, and projecting roots trimmed back. Given the difficulties of access, repair to the path itself caused a bit of head-scratching, with various approaches being considered. The path has now been reinstated, and safe passage restored. As for the fallen tree itself, it is likely that it will be left in place. Lying deadwood provides an important habitat and food resource for an enormous range of organisms, so the best policy is probably to leave it as is!