Supporting the wildlife of Bosahan Woods

Chris Hussey

For the September / October Issue of Constant Times, Terry Swainsbury (a member of the Bosahan Woods Management Group) contributed this article:

As part of a programme to support the biodiversity of Bosahan Woods, it is planned to place a number of bird, owl and bat boxes at suitable locations. This is a community project that you may like to help with. Since coming into ownership of the village, as a result of a generous benefactor, Bosahan Woods has become the responsibility of all of us who care, not just for this beautiful place, but nature in general. This is a great opportunity to enhance the habitat by encouraging more birds and bats to think of the woods as their home. I am therefore looking for anyone who has basic carpentry skills to build a bird, owl or bat box using the simple plans that I can provide.

The plans give details about the materials and tools needed. At the moment, the idea is to number and place the boxes in sites that will optimise their use. Once fixed to a particular tree, it is hoped that the locations will be recorded on a map available for everyone visiting the woods to use.

The plans are very simple, although the bat and owl boxes require a little more work. If you have a young family, this could be a great opportunity to involve your children in the making. Once in situ, you and your family will have your own, small real estate and investment in the future of the woods.

Part of my motivation for this project is to encourage present and future generations to enjoy this wonderful place and to promote a personal responsibility for the woods and its management. I’m also thinking of setting up a feeding station for birds that will be maintained all year round. Hopefully, with your help, we can make Bosahan Woods a special place for humans and animals alike.

For plans or advice, please contact me either by email or phone. I can then send you the appropriate plans that have been provided by Cornwall Wildlife Trust. Email: Telephone: 01326 340661.

Example owl box