Bosahan Woods: Management Team Constitution


  1. The Woods Group will be consist of no more than  6 members, 2 nominated by the benefactor who provided the purchase funding, 2 nominated by the CEC and 2 co-opted from those in the general public who wish to be involved and can offer skills/talents of an arboreal nature.
  2. Nominated members should serve 4 years and co-opted members 2 years before replacements are made. Co opted members may apply for reselection twice before standing down for at least 12 months.
  3. The Group shall be a fully owned subsidiary of the CEC self-sufficient in its routine management save that its financial account is held with the CEC treasurer.


  1. The Group’s primary purpose is to ensure that the woods are conserved and kept in a safe condition for the general enjoyment of the people of the Parish of Constantine.

Duties and Authorities

  1. The group is to draw up a management plan within 3 months of its formation and annually thereafter. This plan should be available for public viewing on the Constantine village web site.
  2. The Group will act as the day to day management organisation for the woods with the authority to raise funds sufficient to cover routine costs such as insurance, clearing dead wood planting and felling of trees, safeguarding flora and fauna. It will be the first point of contact for matters relating to the upkeep and development of footpaths, bridleways, recreation sites such as BBQ areas and “fitness” points. The Group should seek to maximise the recreational value of the property within the constraints of conserving its natural beauty and serenity.
  3. The Group is to encourage local people to become involved in looking after “their woods”.
  4. The Group is to erect suitable signage detailing boundaries of the wood, the byways therein and the facilities available and activities not allowed. Boundary markers are to be set up and maintained.
  5. The Group must ensure that anyone contracted or volunteering to work in the woods using chainsaws and other machinery is properly trained and is covered by insurance.
  6. The Group may sell wood directly to the public and take fees for campsite use if at a future time such sites are established.
  7. The Group may own what tools and machines its sees fit for the maintenance of the woods and provide secure storage for them.
  8. The Group is to determine who within the local government structure is responsible for the upkeep of footpaths and bridleways, in the woods and which are listed on the definitive Public Rights of Way map. A working relationship is to be maintained with those responsible.

Relationship with the CEC Board

  1. The Group shall be autonomous in the day to day management of the property but will refer to the Board for final decision any planned:
  • development of the woods involving new activities structures;
  • introduction of non native flora and fauna;
  • long term contract or partnership;
  • sale of services or produce  to a commercial organisation.
  1. Plans which do not enjoy the support of both benefactor’s nominees are to be referred to the CEC Board.
  2. The Group is to provide reports to the Board at each Board Meeting, the CEC AGM and as requested by the Board.
  3. The Group will appoint its own treasurer who will work closely with the CEC treasurer to provide material for annual audits. All monies will be held by the CEC Treasurer within the Woods account.