Quarterly Report 2 – October 2018

Quarterly Report 2: for CEC, Volunteers/interested persons: Bosahan Woods Management Team 13.10.18

A lot more work has been done. We have held two management meetings.

Elfie Carson has become a co-opted member of the Bosahan Woods Management Team (The Woodies). She has set up a Forestry School for the pre-school children 3 days a week. It is an absolute joy to see and hear the laughter of small children enjoying the woods. We should all be mindful to keep our dogs on a lead when near the Forestry school, and likewise, for horse riders, to walk their horses through the woods, to keep the little ones safe, this will also help maintain the paths in good repair. I understand the Primary School is also interested in using the woods with their children. Let’s all enjoy these magnificent woods.

Adrian Roberts has agreed to be the Woods Monitor for Swings and Dens, to ensure that any structures that are erected are safe. He will monitor on a monthly basis.

Alan Continues to correspond with Cornwall Council regarding the status of the top path e.g. Bridle path or footpath and has asked for confirmation of when it was changed to a Bridle way.

Steve Moore has agreed to be treasurer for the Woods Fund and is liaising with Peter Tatham to get the paperwork completed.

Alan Pearce has met with Stephan Kent and agreed the boundary between our woods and his. Posts have been erected but job not yet completed.

We are still waiting to hear from Councillor John Bastion who promised £500 towards the path restoration project.

CORMAC donated three lorry loads of 803 (top dressing for the paths).

No one has come back to me with regard to data protection, so am assuming no one objects to their email being used by us.

The Tanner Trust has pledged £3000, for the woods paths restoration fund, we can expect the cheque in November 2018.

We have to date raised £1000 in donations from people in the village. Most of this has been gift aided to the tune of £187, making a total of £1187.00 a very big thank you to all those who have helped in this way.

A risk assessment was created for the project along with a Volunteers Policy. Hard hats and safety vests purchased, and a daily log kept of all volunteers who turned up to help in any way.

After obtaining 2/3 quotes for stone and aggregate, road pins, porta loos, wood and heavy plant, we started work on 3rd October with deliveries to the quarry with very kind permission from John and Bridget Olds. We have used the quarry as our HQ, with volunteers signing in and out and the catering area. A huge thank you to all those who have donated cakes and food for the workers and those serving teas and coffee’s. Also a big thank you to Muriel for the hot pasty lunches, daily hot water for drinks and yummy cakes. Val and Howard Bolt must also have a mention, they spent almost every day with us, covering everything from hard labour to catering. Digger work started on 5th October along the top path, we were very fortunate to have two experts, John Williams and Richard Mann working the diggers, and advising us, while approved others took turns driving the dumper trucks. In total we have had over 600 volunteer hours and repaired and resurfaced 600 metres of footpath. This is truly amazing! The section of path around the stile and the big pebble, had to be done by hand, it was hard work, but a brilliant job was done.

The natural path that runs alongside the stream was made safer with a definite path down from the main path and boggy areas made less so. We also trimmed or removed branches or limbs of trees that made walking this path difficult. A circle of logs for little bottoms was created near the bridge for pre-school.

Terry Swainsbury has taken before during and after photographs which we can share on our web site.

Tree felling/maintenance took place on 4th and 5th October of those trees deemed unsafe. Where, possible these trees were used to create a barrier alongside the path edge, to protect the wood edging put in when path was levelled.

Throughout the week we have met many people using the woods and all have said the top path is a great improvement and those who have been unable to get into the woods, with wheelchairs/pushchairs or have difficulty walking, have said this will make a great difference to their lives, as they will now be able to see the bluebells in spring and the autumn colours now. Entering the woods from the quarry end and parking outside the gates.

We have gone as far as we can with the money we raised, so the lower main path will have to wait for another time. We have some grant applications outstanding, but no confirmation of grant aid yet.

The Parish council have agreed to paying for the hire of a mini digger for one day, to dig out the muddy path by Comfort and resurface it. There is also the part of the woods from Comfort to the Stile, which needs attention, (this is the part not owned by the village). Does anyone want to take this project on, fund raise or help in any way? It would be wonderful to join up the top path making access so much better.

Liz Pearce Bosahan Woods Management Team