Quarterly Report 3 – January 2019

For CEC, Volunteers and interested persons

The management Team have met twice since the last report.

Steve Moore was formerly adopted as the Bosahan Managent Team Treasurer

We have received many positive comments on how much better the top path is and the access from the quarry along this path. Many more people are now using this stretch of the path.

Alan Pearce confirmed he was still in communication with Cornwall County Council investigating bridleway versus footpath along the top completed woodland path.

We are looking at ways to inform all users of the paths, and there are many more since we upgraded the top path, that we should be respectful of all users and especially be aware of the increased use of the paths by pre-school children. Also reminding all dog walkers, to wherever possible to pick up dog poo. Pre-school members will be making some posters to remind dog walkers and the Dog Warden Julie Mulvaney, for our area will be making more trips along the footpaths to ensure dog owners are being responsible.

Our web site is now up and running, it can be access via the village site https://constantinecornwall.com/woods Thanks to Chris Hussey, the site is regularly kept up to date and charts our progress.

Woods Swings and Dens Monitoring: Adrian Roberts does an official sweep of the woods every three months. We recently had to remove a swing that appeared on the big tree at the end of the top path by the quarry, the rope was old and frayed and the seat broken. The area immediately below and around the swing has many rocks and dead stumps/branches of trees which present a hazard for users, if the rope breaks. We don’t want to prevent anyone having fun but we would like to keep them injury free.

Pre-school Elfie Carson has been doing a remarkable job, the little ones use the woods twice a week for Forestry school. They are getting a real understanding of the great outdoors and our environment. We are looking into getting an inconspicuous locker for storage of pre-school equipment to be sited sympathetically in the woods. This will save the pre-school teachers and helpers from having to carry heavy equipment to and from the woods twice a week.

Filming: Cornwall University Students used the woods in November to make a film about Pixies. The woods has a mention in the credits and we have some stills of the film on the web site.

Finance: We have been given a further two donations £100 and £250, both gift aided. We have received the very generous donation of £3000 from the Tanner Trust. We also have a claim for £775.15 in Gift aid and a claim for VAT of £160.80, which would give us a total of £4284.71. We need to raise approximately £8000-00 to repair the lower path. The Isles of Scilly Steamship Company have an application for a grant, they will meet in February 2019 to consider the application. We have also applied to the CCC Community Chest, for £500. I am also in the process of applying to ‘Awards for all’, and ‘Cornwall Community Foundation’ We also re-applied for a Santander Discovery Grant. We hope to get lucky and at least one of these organisations, will come through for us.

Stage two lower path from the Quarry to the bridge – on hold until we can raise enough money to complete the work.

Signage using granite boulders already in situ, with plaques similar to the one on the boulder by the bus stop, is being investigated.

Looking at the permissive path from Trebarvah Lane to Comfort House. Although this is not part of our remit, many people have asked about improving the path that meets with the stile. This path needs a volunteer group to cut back the brambles and gorse to allow a mini digger to get through. Liz Pearce looking at arranging in the new year. We have investigated mechanical hedge trimming, but those approached do not have suitable machinery and say the access is not suitable. We do have the cost of the hire of a mini digger for 2 days, which the Parish council are funding, and I have been given £100 towards materials, we still need to raise approximately £3000+ to complete work on the path from Well Lane to the stile, where our path ends/starts. If anyone would like to help in any way, please let us know.

Liz Pearce

Boshan Woodland Management Team