Quarterly Report 4 – April 2019

Bosahan Woodland Management Team 03.04.2019

The Management Team have met once since the last report.

We looked at the roles and responsibilities of the Team and all decided they should remain as they are.

We were all a saddened at the loss of Elfie Carson to the team, but intend to keep in close contact with her and Pre-school/Forest School. She is doing an excellent job with the young people, along with the requirement of the national curriculum and their understanding of the environment. The Forest School meets Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We unanimously agreed to approach Michael Hawes to become a co-opted member of the Team, Michael spent much of his young life playing in the woods, but now runs a very successful firm of landscape architects and has much experience which will be very valuable to the team. Michael has subsequently agreed to join us.

Fund raising, this is an on-going issue and we are looking at several ways to fund raise as well as through grants. These ideas are currently being explored and costed.

Future strategy of the woods: We have taken some advice, but are looking at expanding this to get as much information as possible to make well informed decisions.

Liability Insurance: was renewed on 29th March 2019

Filming – we were approached for the third time since acquiring the woods, by Cornwall University to film in the woods, which at the last minute was pulled.

Signs: working on discrete signs, and quotations, now that suitable granite boulders have been identified. This work is in line with the benefactors instructions as laid out in the Declaration of Trust.

Woods Swings and Dens: Nothing new to report.

Re-instating lower path: we are looking at doing this in the autumn if funds allow. An ambulance crew was required to attend a person on the lower path, who had stumbled on the uneven stones and had a bad fall. If it had not been for the walkers who stopped to help, a second ambulance crew would have had to be called, tying up two ambulances and their teams. It took 5 people to carry the person out of the woods to the newly made up path which was as far as the crew could get the trolley from the quarry, plus a further 2 people carrying all the equipment that had been used. One of the volunteers also tripped and fell on the uneven surface during this operation.

The wooden bridge at the bottom of the woods, was reported to CORMAC after a plank broke leaving a hole in the surface of the bridge. CORMAC have inspected the problem and have set in motion plans to repair and check other planks for defects or rotting.