Quarterly Report 5 – July 2019

Bosahan Woods Management Team – July 2019

We have held one meeting since the last quarterly report.

Financial Report: We received a magnificent gift of £4000 which is gift aided, making our currently total £9,980.44, plus £100 which was also gift aided, but not yet added to this total.

Grants: we were unsuccessful with applications to The Isles of Scilly Steamship Company and Discovery grant.

Future Strategy for woods management: We have had discussions with The Forestry Commission, who have passed on our details to their local agent and Cornwall Council advisor Ian Davies who will be contacting us. The combined advice from both the above and the 3 tree surgeon companies, who have surveyed the wood, should make us better informed to make good decisions for the future.

Forest School: Nothing new to report, children still enjoying the woods.

Signage and web site: Chris has been working very hard on this project. He submitted 3 quotes from sign makers and stone masons and a decision was made on who should do the work. The signs are in accordance with the requirement of the ‘Declaration of Trust’. Chris to seek public views from the village before placing the order.

Filming: A one day filming session has taken place in the woods on 20th June, part of a feature length commercial production.Filming took place in accordance with our filming policy.

Swings and Dens: Nothing to report

Permissive path from Trebarvah Lane to Comfort. Following several requests that we look at making Bosahan Woods more accessible from the village. I met with Adam Olds who works for a firm with equipment to cut back and mulch the growth along the permissive path. After looking at the job, we have been given a quote for £2365. It is now heavily grown in and when it rains the sides tend to touch. I have also spoken to Acland plant, who had a look and said along with other local farmers that they do not have the equipment to cut back the vegetation. We need to be able to get a mini digger down this path and at the moment I have about £200 in separate donations for cutting back the path sides, so a long way off what is needed. (these donations are nothing to do with the Bosahan Woods Project)

Transition Constantine Community Day: The Woods Management Team intend to have a stand in the Church, which is one of the venues for the community day, to recruit more volunteers and donations. The theme for the day is Food.

Knotweed: We have been made aware that there is a lot of knotweed in the woods, but on checking, it is not in the woods owned by CEC. We understand that the situation is to be reported to the Parish Council, by those who made the discovery.

Re-instating lower main path. We now have enough money in the bank to do the tree surgery work and re-instate the lower path. Work is planned to start on Friday October 11th 2019. John Williams and Richard Mann have both said they will give their time free of charge and Richard will bring his own equipment at weekends, the same as last year. We have some materials left from last year and all the health and safety gear. The companies we used last year have all agreed to let us have goods and equipment at last years prices which were heavily discounted and CORMAC has agreed to supply some aggregate free of charge. Liz to organise as per last year. Volunteers will be needed and Liz will contact them in due course.

Liz Pearce

Bosahan Woods Management Team