Constantine Cornwall

Who’s Where

In May 2015 Liz Moore published the 35th and perhaps final edition of ‘Who’s Where’ for Constantine, Gweek and Mawnan Smith.

Here’s what Liz had to say in her last edition: “I repeat the mantra from year one, ‘buy local, use local’, and I would also now add ‘all our clubs and societies need you’! Such a huge variety of activities don’t just happen on their own – all groups need membership and workers – if you don’t fancy something already available… start a new group!   BE INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY.”

It may be that someone will take up the challenge and publish the 36th edition next year, but in any case we have an opportunity to keep the ‘Who’s Where’ going here on the web.

We’ve reorganised the entries and added a search facility. Each entry now has its own card and there’s an opportunity to add links and photos.

Please review your entry and contact us with your corrections, additions or deletions.